//for your skin
  • The Belluga bath gel in addition to the benefits of A.O.V.E.

    it is enriched with:

    -Aloe Vera as an anti-inflammatory, softener and moisturizer

    -Castor oil as a humectant, softener and moisturizer.

    so it is indicated for all skin types, even the most delicate ones.

    Apply throughout the body during a bath or shower with the hand or on a sponge.
  • Leche Corporal AOVE, Crema hidratante corporal

    Our body milk is not only enriched with our A.O.V.E. Belluga Selection.

    We wanted to add other natural active ingredients to make Belluga body milk the best ally for your skin.

    The hydration and protection offered by A.O.V.E. is enlarged with:

    -Opuntia (prickly pear) oil that provides flexibility and elasticity

    -Pyrus Malus (apple) antioxidant, anti-aging and very rich in quercetin that acts as an anti-inflammatory so it can also be used for sensitive or very sensitive skin.

    Apply all the tricks the body and at night, especially after bath or shower.
  • Crema de Manos de AOVE

    With Belluga hand cream we have wanted to offer you a very complete cream.

    To the benefits of the A.O.V.E. join him:

    -Aloe Vera acting as an anti-inflammatory, regenerating, softening and moisturizing.

    -Urea acting against dryness and itching making it suitable for calming the effects of psoriasis or dermatitis.

    -Alantoin as a moisturizer, soothing and anti-irritant.

    Apply on the hands as often as necessary.
  • Vitamin E from A.O.V.E. it is a powerful antioxidant and keeps the skin of the lips young and smooth.

    Cocoa butter creates a hydrating layer on the lips that protects both from cold and heat.

    sun protection factor 15

  • A.O.V.E. water and sosa have been used for centuries to make this soap, also known as Castile soap.

    It deeply cleanses, nourishes and protects even the most sensitive skin, helps wound healing quickly and also acts as an antibacterial agent.